Australia’s Music Community Built by Those Involved

Who ACT-cess is for

  • All people who are involved in the music community in all their different capacities and stages.
  • All musicians including bands, soloists, duos of all genres, orchestras, choirs, guitarists, singer/songwriters, drummers, saxophonists, lyricist, composers, and many others.
  • All music businesses, service providers, product suppliers, associations and organisations, industry practitioners, tutors, creators, venues, managers, booking agents, house party organisers, sound engineers, music therapist, instrument repairers, graphic designers, teachers, book keepers, lawyers, retailers, backline and PA hirers, publicist, producers, expatriates and interested parties both within Australia and overseas, the music communities reach and many, many others.

Why be involved

  • To be part of a current, informative online music community.
  • To improve connectivity, communication, and networking, locally and Australia wide.
  • To increase your awareness of the broad range of resources in our music community.

Some Further benefits

  • Free profile upload/s, as many as appropriate.
  • You select which of your links (website, Facebook etc.) you direct people to so you don’t have to duplicate your efforts.
  • Members can build their own databases of consented contacts through ACT-cess.
  • You save time and frustration because details and contacts are kept up to date by ACT-cess as changes come through.
  • You will have the surety that when you update your details, even as a free profile, members databases are updated too.
  • Post items for the general public’s viewing, and select from your list of contacts to inform them about things.

ACT-cess Founders & Pioneers

ACT-cess Founders – Karen King & Andrew Cooper

ACT-cess Website & Digital Marketing Expert Partners – Dinos and the Sociolus Team

ACT-cess First Pioneer – Barry Schipplock

ACT-cess Persistent Life Member Pioneer – Jade Goodge

ACT-cess Life Member Pioneers – Anthony “Morrie” Morriss, Anthony Vigh, Arty Records – Ronnie Taheny, David Robinson, , Fergus Maximus Stumblemeister, House of WOW! Publishing and Dino Jag La Vista Mathew Clancy, Matt “Pup” McGruer, MaTthew Vecchio, Trevor Petrie , Willie “McRae” Bidstrup.

ACT-cess Infrastructure Pioneers – Billy February, Bruce “Fog” & Julia Fogarty, Crossing Red Lines -Harlin, Jarryd, Seb, Pete and Tom, Darren Coulter & Karmabunny, David Cann, Gavin Findlay, Gregory Nusinovitsch, Jack Tinapple, James Dixon, Julianne & Bill Monkhouse, Lisa Bishop, Luke Rinaldi, Mark Cooper & Helen Nightingale, Mijo Biscan, Nick Sabine, Nick Reeve, Paul Kostal, Peggy & Tony Cooper,  Peter Ashton, Rosanna & Neville Clark, Steven Hughes, Ulus Fuat.

ACT-cess Pioneers – Anne-Marie Griffin & Steve Barclay, Annette Herd, Andrea Sander, Andrew Porter, Ben Ford-Davies, Carmel & Peter Seputis, Collette & Andrew “Redman” Williamson, Coral Cass, Corey Harris, Craig Hobson, Damen Samuel, Darryl & Suze May, David Corkill, Dylan Walker, Eddie Garven, Forte, Jack Weber & Anne-Marie, Jamie Kuijpers, John & Suzi Freesmith, John R. Sabine, Janine Hartwig, Karen & Phil Nichols, Kent Dredge & Susane Belkhiati, Kevin Ballard, Kylie Kane, Lisa & Paul Standen, Mark “Barney” Barnett, Matthew Stanley, Mel & Michael Lumsden, Michael Ward, Mick Nordin, Mick Richardson, Mish Dee, Natasha Duarte, Nobody’s Heroes, Pete Wilson, Ray Elias, Rick Chen, Robyn Haddow, Shane “Showtime” Curtis, Simon Rodger, Stuart & Meredith Johnston, Taze Latimar Skipworth, Wayne “Frosty” Frost, Yasmine Amber.

Stuart Koch at sound desk THANKS

Stuart Koch 23/10/57 – 25/12/08


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